JavaScript in Webbased PDF that forces link to new PDF to open a new browser window

We have created a new PDF form that is found on our website. The form was created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2, and uses JavaScript to make some of the drop down menus dependent upon previous menu selections, etc. The problem we are running into is that we want to link to other PDF forms that are required if the answer to particular questions is yes. We put the links in the form and when clicked, the new forms were opening in the same browser window. The problem is that the person filling in the form had already entered quite a bit of information and it was all lost once the link to the new form was clicked. Is there a way to force the link to open the new PDF in a new browser window regardless of the clients browser settings? We have more than 1500 faculty and it is not realistic to try to get everyone of them to modify their browser settings to open in a new window.

A link to our main form can be found at:

The first three questions on the second page have an associated PDF file that we need to open up in a new browser window. We took the links off of this form until we can figure out how to make them open in a new window. We had several complaints upon releasing the form where people had entered the information in the first page of the form and then lost it all once the link was clicked to the new form and it opened in the same window. Clicking back button in browser window took the user back to the original form with all of their entries lost.

How would we write a JavaScript command in LiveCycle Designer ES2 that would force link/button/etc. to open the new form in a new window? We tried some variations of the _blank command that didn’t work, but we may not have written it correctly.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.