Javascript event reacts immediately

Why does window.onclick react here when I click on select_date?

select_date.onclick = function() {

		if ( != "block") { = "block";

			window.onclick = function(){

I want window.onclick to have the function that I’ve assigned it in the code, but after select_date has been clicked. And when select_date is clicked, I don’t want window.onclick to respond to the same click on select_date. That’s what I thought I created here. (When select_date is clicked, window.onclick should be equal to a declaration / defintion, not a function call)

So what am I missing? Event popping back up to the window after everything has been assigned?

I tried to prevent it with return false, which didn’t work.

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Step 1: Capture the event (Define your function with a single parameter)
Step 2: tell that parameter to .preventDefault(), which should prevent bubbling up to the window.

Unless I’m missing the obvious, (highly possible) wouldn’t that be
.stopPropagation() ?

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stopPropagation worked. Is there another way to do this that’s supported on all browsers? IE seems to have full support from 9.0

sorry, yes. preventDefault stops the default action, stopPropagation stops bubbling. Just way too used to trying to stop the default action on things :laughing:

If the information is correct (I have no reason to question it), both have been supported in all major browsers for a long time now.

Thanks alot guys, it’s appreciated.

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