JavaScript conflict, browser loads new page

I’m stuck on a project that I’ve been working on for over 3 weeks.
I’ve implemented a Jquery Map on my page, but when a node is clicked on the map the browser loads a new page.

This is how the map should function:

Here is the broken map on my page:

I’ve tried deleting all other JS and also tried adding event.preventDefault(); but the browser still loads a new page when a node is clicked.

I appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you


I could see the below error. please resolve it…

qmad is not defined

ok I’ve commented out the code with qmad, but still not working.

onPageUnload is not defined
qmad is not defined

…ect=1;a.insertBefore(f,a.firstChild);a.hasrcorner=f;}var b=a.hasrcorner;if(b){if…

quickmenu.js (line 4)
qmad is not defined

var a = qmad.qm0 = new Object();

index…emid=13 (line 77)
GetMap is not defined

Find out why…

ok I’ve commented out every bit of JS except for the map, but it still not working

still there is an error… please make sure there are no js errors…

error: onPageLoad is not defined.