Javascript API Client request and then send result to other server

Im really new to javascript world but i would urgently need simple code that could run in ubuntu 2x.xx terminal and be able to send api request every few minutes and then in some way repeat result and that i will be able to add in microsoft excel on remote machine (Windows).

English is not my first language so im sorry for mistakes.

Thank you everyone!

It is really unclear what you want to do…

At the end it sounds not like a process which should be done with JavaScript in a browser. Maybe you mean a node.js backend?

Please give us more details on the process so we can help.

So basicaly i want that client runs api request and repose/answer from api then sends over to his own client over his own api
So basically redirect api answer futher to his clients.
Yes i think that something like node.js backend will work, but problem is that i dont know how to setup
Its more clear now? Again sorry for my bad English
I attached also paint photo.

That is referred to as a server side proxy. There are middleware packages available for express to achieve this fairly easily.

Actually maybe not… what you are saying is pretty confusing and the image you posted doesn’t really help.

I need to make web interface which will show multiple query API requests responses ,every few minutes.(Design is not important)
Every request must go trought his own proxy.

I hope you get me now and again sorry for not so good explanation.
Im also willing to pay decent ammount if someone is willing to do it for me.

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