Javascript anthology 1?

Hello & Thanks ,
I am reading ‘javascript anthology 1’
And it says I can downlaod the related code & errata here
But instead it brings me to here:
Pls , where can I get these items ?
Also , is there a ‘javascript anthology 2’ ?

There is no anthology 2, but there are a number of other javascript books available on the premium site (SP went away from the anthology concept and towards the novice to ninja format)

But the code for the anthology should be available here:

I see.
But where can I find the examples (as advertised) like:

Yes, I agree, that content should be available.

After all, the book says: As you progress through the text, you’ll note a number of references to the code archive. This is a downloadable ZIP archive that contains complete code for all the examples presented in this book. You can grab it on the book’s web site at

Not having access to that code is a significant issue that should be remedied in some way.


I am following this up for you. We updated the book pages in last month and looks like the example downloads did not get moved over so I am just following up with the book team to work out where the examples are stored for this and once I find them will let you know.




Sorry for slow response. I have located the examples and loaded them into the github for the book in an examples directory.

Let me know if you have any issues accessing it.



Thank you very much !!!

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