JavaScript/Ajax — Image/Colour Swatch switcher

Hi Everyone,

Please forgive me but I am very new to Ajax, I know a little jQuery, but was just wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction…

I am building a small store that sells T-Shirts, one t-shirt has 3 colours, so I wanted to display a colour swatch, and change the images that are displayed when the colour swatches are clicked.

You can see the effect I mean on the following website by clicking on the colour swatch button: Daily Habits - EYE EYE CAPTAIN HOOD - KON Shop - King of Nothing

I have been hunting around for a tutorial on how to achieve this, but so far can’t find one.

Can anyone offer me any help/advice - or point me in the direction if a suitable tutorial?

Thank you very much

The pager example from this jQuery cycle demo page seems to be fairly close to what you’re after.

Instead of the images you would have a colour swatch, and you would use a slower and different effect instead, perhaps the scrollHoriz effect.

ThanksPaul, that’s great :slight_smile: