JAVA Virgin


Hi Everyone,
My supervisor is giving me the opportunity to work with JAVA, but I have no knowledge of JAVA. I took an online course, but didn’t get nothing out of it.

  1. Can anybody recommend any DVD’s or online tutorials that will teach a beginner JAVA?

  2. Does Sitepoint have any videos and/or tutorials for beginner JAVA?

Thanks in advance for your support!

For web apps you should check Murach’s Java Servets and JSP

Great book…

What other languages do you know? If you know any of C/C++ or C# the transition to Java is not as bad as you might think

After you learn the basics of the language (syntax, object oriented programming) you need to know what you will use Java for. Will you be using it for building pc applications, web applications or mobile applications? Knowing this will help you tremendously since you will be able to focus on what you need to learn.