Java prompt problem

Hi! :smile:
I’m trying to do my first HelloWorld program with Java, but I have a problem in the prompt.
I got some screens

as you can see the prompt can’t find “”

If someone can help be it would be great! Thank you all

It’s installed correctly, because if it wasn’t it would say “command not found” or something along those lines. But that’s an error from the java compiler telling you that something else is wrong.

Your folder name is javac. Your command prompt is not in a path that ends in javac. You have your command prompt in C:\Users\Ste. I don’t know where the folder is, but your command prompt needs to be in that folder, which would look something like C:\xxx\xxx\javac>javac

Thank you!
My folder javac (that now i change it to “sample”) is in the desktop.
Can you teach me how to change my prompt folder? I suppose i can’t just move the promp.exe right?

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