Java Null Point errors prevents me from using my site's local desktop copy

I am no longer able to open my web site’s local desktop copy. I still believe it is due to an Apple Java upgrade, because my oldest laptop, which has NOT been upgraded, does not give me the same problem; but I am not sure, and I hope that there is another solution.

I’m practically a total idiot when it comes to technical questions like these, so any, ANY direction in easy English would be most appreciated.

For whatever it’s worth, I only received these specifics, after I did a download of the HTML files from my web site to my desktop. Before I did the download, all I got was a message about “null point errors.”

Here are the messages I am receiving when I try to open my desktop local copy of

at crossword.focusColor(
at crossword.loadSolvePuzzle(
at crossword.init(
at sun. plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$

Can’t you revert to your previous version of Java to confirm that it was the update what caused the problem?

Thank you, Molona,

I might just have to do that, if I can find someone to do it for me. Because of a long break in my site updates, I cannot identify the Java update (there were several) which might have been responsible. I doubt that my Time Machine back-ups go back far enough.

I am still hoping there is an easier solution.

Thanks so much for your input.

Not that it helps but I had a similar error with some hardware monitoring via a webpage that went back to from what I remember October. So I would guess you are looking for a javascript version before that time.

I can’t be of any help. I do not own a Mac (so I don’t have a clue where the icons are). I can tell you that in Windows, you have a Java icon in the control panel. There you can check which plugin versions are installed and available, and activate/deactivate a particular one. Maybe there’s something similar in Mac