Java framework

I am new to java framework .I know to mess with java .please tell me how and which framework to use ?how to begin with frameworks?(:

If by framework you mean web framework, if you know how to mess with Java and at the same time you are new to Java web frameworks then try to start with HybridJava. That is the shortest of all more than 50 Java frameworks regarding the learning curve.

thanks for suggestion . I will definitely try out this one you suggested .tell me more about jdbc also

I think you need to look into Spring 3. Use Maven to get your dependencies sorted.

JSF or Struts are also good frameworks for java

I recommend you look at one of the complete solutions that bring together a full stack different frameworks and allow you to do rapid application development in Java. Good examples would be Spring Roo, Grails, and AppFuse.

do a check on play framework

A “full stack” is attractive for high management. It sounds like “we’ll solve all you problems”. However if you look deeper usually it is an way to sell some junk in one box with some good stuff.

No offense but I gag when I hear “JSF”. Spring MVC is the way to go IMO.

I believe that you have what to tell. But you did not tell. Please add a couple of paragraphs that explain what you see bad in JSF and what you see good in the Spring MVC.

In that case, I don’t like the “default” JSF lifecycle of MVC compared to Spring MVC. I could probably go on… but I am taking mini 5 min break to post. Take my opinion as a grain of salt. I’m sure some like JSF over Spring MVC. This is kind of like arguing over which religion is better. Anyways, if you’re curious why I said it then look over how Spring MVC lifecyle vs JSF MVC lifecycle.

Thank you for your 5 minutes! I know a bit of both Spring MVC and JSF lifecycles and I agree that in this Spring may be better. At least because it is difficult to invent a heavier lifecycle than that of JSF. If we choose the most bad features of every competitor then anything may seem perfect. I did not get why you accuse yourself in religious wars. You won’t do that in 5 min. And I do not like JSF at all.
As to the lifecycle - for me the one of the Spring MVC is not less redundant. Compare to HybridJava minimalistic lifecycle.