Java 8 issues?

Hello, everyone,

With the fast approach of Java 7 EOL (April, I believe), I’ve been tasked with researching Java 8. Primarily in general, but I also need to make sure that it plays well with ColdFusion Server (v10 or v11).

Has anyone, here, run into any problems with 1.8? Any installation issues? Anyone have any advice that might help us avoid days of downtime trying to troubleshoot what isn’t working with Java 8?

Any valid input greatly appreciated.



I haven’t on a personal level. On a professional level, I don’t think AIX (our OS) even has 8 yet…

:slight_smile: I had to look up AIX. IBM’s version of Unix. Does *nix use Java???



Yeah, that’s pretty much why you’ve heard of it. IBM were one of the main purveyors of it back in the day and pushed a ton of major high end Enterprise apps into it. Back when they were still cutting edge.

The early days of Java were pretty much the end of their cutting edge era tho… :dizzy_face:

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I’ve used Java 8 and I’m 99.999% sure that it’s backward compatible. One thing that made Java super awesome is that they are always 100% backward compatible. As for syntax of Java 8… it looks very weird for these things

  • Default methods in Interface: I think this is useful but this really goes against on why Java was invented. You can now do multiple inheritance through interface now… actually I can’t even tell much difference between Interface and Class

  • Lamda: Passing method expression as arguments to a method? Method reference? While this looks cool…it reminds me too much of JavaScript. Are they trying to be Node.js?

  • Stream: Finally…automatic multithreads on a loop… I love this feature…unfortunately…it promotes usage of Lamda…

Anyways, Java 8 is like trying to be Node.JS. Perhaps, my opinion will change in couple of years but it completely mutated what Java is.


Super awesome AND super crappy. That backward compatibility is kind of a double edged sword.

But yeah, I forgot to mention this part. :smile:

Thanks to everyone who chimed in.

I feel, though, that I should clarify something.

I’m not a Java programmer. At all. I have no objection to learning it - if my boss needs me to learn it, I will learn it.

But the question I asked is more along the VM lines. I know that Java 7, update 31, introduced a lot of problems for some because of tighter security restrictions (we saw that, first hand.)

I just needed to make sure that Java 8 wasn’t going to bring anything else that would mean tighter security, thusly screwing up our dev and production environments.

So, I bit the bullet and installed Java 8 on my dev system (which has its own CF server running) to test it and see if it broke my CF. I can happily report that (so far, knock on wood) I am not experiencing any issues with Java 8 and CF Server.

Thanks, again, for everyone’s wisdom.



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