January Photo Challenge: This Year vs. Yesteryear

Welcome to another NEW YEAR.
Since the past year has been very, busy with change, we thought an appropriate challenge for our talented shutterbugs would be a visual diary of how our life is different from our ancestors.

You are encouraged to provide your own photographs of things like:

  • Visual Anachronism
  • “Signs” that may have confused or confounded anyone a hundred years ago (that show the change or advancement of our era)
  • An image of something that is falling (or has fallen) into obscurity

Like every month, the winning photo will be selected in a poll the first week of February and the winner will get his or her choice of SitePoint e-books. There are a couple of great new titles out now so check them out here!

Here is an old Pocket Watch I recently purchased at an Estate Sale.
This item alone is something that has fallen into antiquity. However, the ornately cast design is that of an old Steam Railroad train; another thing that harkens from the distant past.

The idea of a Pocket Watch brings to mind days before the invention of “the horseless carriage”. However, as I write this I realize that ANY watch - particularly analog versus digital - is a rarity today.
We have so many electronic devices that constantly provide us a display of the time (in numeral format), it is unnecessary to wear a watch.
Personally, I stopped wearing a watch when I began carrying a cell phone (15+ years ago)

A couple of pictures of Tiger Moths taken at the local airport Open Day last year. The cockpit controls are from the plane on the left.

This is the old… and I guess that you can imagine what’s the new :smiley:

That’s a great picture, @molona. :slight_smile: I love steam engines. That’s one area where I regret “progress” - I’d much rather have steam (with soot and all) than a smelly diesel.

@TechnoBear; Thank you. I love them too and completely agree :agree:

My local record shop closed the other day… unfortunately music stores, both small independents and national chains are closing in large numbers as people switch away from hard copies of music or buy online.

Ah,… EastCoast snuck a final photo in yesterday and a great one, too! This challenge ends now. Please vote in our poll. Results will be posted next Friday, Feb. 8.

Some good pics. Wasn’t easy to choose the one I liked the most. But I did it. :smiley:

Doesn’t time fly, especially in a short month like February! Our winner this month is @Shaun_OfTheDead with @molona snapping at his heels. Great pictures, both of you. Thanks for entering and Congratulations Shaun!

Thank you!

And good job, everyone!

Now to find some dragons…

Wow, it’s excellent. Thank you.

Congratulations @Shaun_OfTheDead;

You’re a worthy winner and I don’t mind losing against you :shifty:

And I wish you the best of luck… to find drangons… I’ve tried but I haven’t had any luck to find anything Chinese related to the New Year… that is, something that I can take a picture of :lol:

Nice pics! The train is great.

So far I’ve gotten Chinese lions, doing a lion-dance. And I’ve gotten a man in a dragon costume at Carnival, but it doesn’t look Chinese in anyway. So I’m stuck.

I love old steamy trains! Great picture.