j2ee project architecture

plz can anyone send me the j2ee project architecture which is done in software company(real time)

what are the steps involved in developing a j2ee project

– architecture (what type of architecture)
– design patterns (what type of design patterns)

For sure this question is a tad laughable.

What are you asking exactly?

Someone should make a Dilbert comic from this thread.

what are the steps involved in developing a j2ee project

The first step is to define project… (For example: landing on the Moon will require a space ship, oxygen bottles, astronauts, etc…)

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I suspect this may have something to do with a homework assignment.

@crazyjava, If so, I doubt if anyone will do your homework for you, but you should get a good search phrase you can use or maybe a few links to check out if you can better define what you’re after.

The answers are…




mangiaphoto is correct. It really depends on the requirements and needs of the specific project itself.

However, in general using interfaces, factories (a design pattern), Domain Access Object (or Repositories) (also design patterns), event driven programming, help lead to a system that is coupled but highly cohesive.