I've Created A Service to Accomodate Clients You Can't Afford To Take On

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I knew that would evoke a response!

It appears you have met My Mother-in-Law !!!

Hello ParkinT,

Awesome, AWESOME idea that’s seems to be coming along great! I work for a small business that develops and hosts websites for other small businesses and I’ve been searching the net looking for an app like yours that we could use on our website. I would love to speak with you more to learn about your app and present what we’re looking to do to you to see if you’d be interested. Would it be ok to PM you?

Thanks in advance!

I like the idea, I think it’s a winner. It is unique. However, I struggle to see how you would cope with the hosting costs?

Thanks for the positive feedback, @Sega

You hit on the most exciting part of this idea (if I may brag a bit)!

There is no hosting. I found a way to utilize Dropbox (a free service) that enables the user to post and maintain the files that comprise their site. The app does all the HARD WORK of setting it up (for anyone who is NOT tech-savvy) and the Dropbox API helps me do the “magic” of instancing those files in their account.

The truth is that anyone (Designer/Developer) could do this for a user* but I hope this application makes it painless and simple enough to take the burden off a Designer.

*Minus one simple trick I like to think of as my “Secret Sauce”

I think it’s a winner anyhow. I am a little confused to how you will make enough money to host their sites, or how Drop Box works with hosting. I also have a Dropbox account but mine is for files. If clients can have their own domain, [noparse]http://www.yourdomain.com/[/noparse] and if you will be charging for this service. It’s still a little grey to me, but all very exciting.

Thanks for the support and well-wishes.

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