I've been out of the loop... Speaking of Loops, what are the de facto "Must-Haves" design books right now?

It’s been a while since I last posted.

Firstly, congratulations, SitePoint, for being that brand again, the brand that I know and love and not that faceless Learnable something, something…

With the fusion, I’ve been interested in checking out SP stuff again. And with that comes an instant annoyance… Credit Cards. Seriously, not everyone wants to pay with a credit card. I don’t and won’t. In the past, I’ve never had to. Why can’t I pay with PayPal? Or a direct Bank Transfer?

I really wanted to take the CSS Master eBook offer. And even that free ebook is impossible for me to get without entering my CC info. This can’t be right? So, does that mean I can’t even get a free ebook or other unless I entered my CC information? If so, that’s a true bummer. You could at least offer some kind of gift cards like Amazon does, so that people who don’t have or use a CC can still take part in your programmes and read your ebooks without being categorically left out like that.

I really want the CSS Master ebook. How can I get it? The offer expires today. I’ve written support. I’ve written to Sarah.

Oh well.

Anyhow, on the topic of books… What have you, my fellow front-enders, read in the last couple years on the usual suspects like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and the stuff in-between? Are there any new “must-have” titles? New sites /resources even? Anything you would recommend to me? Just to give you an idea; the last book I read on any of those subjects is about 3 years old. Due to personal reasons, I’ve not been able to catch up during that period, so if there’s anything ground-breaking that’s been happening during that time that you feel I need to know about, shout it out, please! :smiley:

Now there’s a name I recognise - welcome back!

As it’s been 3 year I trust you’re familar with responsive design? If not that’s a good place to start.

@kohoutek! Hey, sunshine! Long time, no see.

There’s been a change of the guard. Sarah leveraged her position here and took another one. If you’re looking for the SPHQ contact, that’s now @Ophelie. Since I mentioned her, she should be stopping in and can point you in the right direction.

As for other resources, when I’m not stalking @PaulOB, I’ll pop over to css tricks to pick up a new trick of two.

Welcome back :slight_smile: . I recognize you from years and years ago!


Nice to see you posting again :smile:

I just got Lea Verou’s CSS secrets a couple of weeks ago and its a great read for advanced css technniques.

Heya, @bluedreamer ! Of course I am familiar with responsive design. Pfft. Seriously. But you’re definitely right in that this field will have progressed a lot since I last dabbled with media queries, various approaches like mobile-first, etc. Heck, three years ago, Android wasn’t even a thing. And look where we are now… :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you still going strong with ExpressionEngine? That’s what I associate with your name the mosts.


Long time, indeed! See, I didn’t know that so much has changed. Thanks for the welcome. :smiley:

@RyanReese Hey you! I recognize you too. Not difficult to remember the Reese brothers after having been an Advisor for so long. Hahahaha! Just kidding, Ryan. :smile:

@PaulOB, good to see you’re still here. You just never post on FB. Going to be reading your posts (and that of other CSS geniuses) to be back at the top of my game. Wow, that sounded quite American, didn’t it…
Also, thanks for the recommendation on Verou’s book. Going to order it right now.

Indeed I am… far too much work to cope with as well :wink:

Rant ahead:

The above post sounds like I’m really being greedy. And I am. However, I think SP needs to seriously think about offering a broader range of payment options for their goods and courses. As it is now, I can either use a CC or I can use PayPal IF I want to pay for a WHOLE year. I mean, come on. What if I wanted to try it out first? What if I wanted to buy a book here and there, no strings attached, just like I can with all the other book stores such as abookapart.com or fivesimplesteps.com? Buying whatever you want on these sites is simple and convenient. No hassle, no credit card or other superfluous details. To me, that’s how it should be.

Glad to hear it, @bluedreamer! That’s how it should be!

By the time I’ve read everyone else’s post I’m too exhausted to say anything :smile:


You are not alone…

Nice to see you around again, @kohoutek.

Hi, @kohoutek!

I remember your posts from my earliest days around SitePoint. I hope that today’s post is a promising sign that you will be around here for a long time.

Nice to see you back, @kohoutek. CSS has been forging ahead in recent years. display: flex is a big thing now, and even grid layouts are about the kick in.

The move to SitePoint Premium is pretty recent, so I’m sure your feedback will be useful in refining the system. :slight_smile:

Welcome back @kohoutek!

As you mentioned, we unfortunately can’t accept PayPal for monthly accounts, due to a few unavoidable restrictions of our setup. We’re moving towards a better system, but I’m afraid it will take a bit of time.

Heh, indeed. Somehow I made my way onto staff even with all that :grin: .

Welcome back @kohoutek :smiley: :tada:

I hope you’ll stick around?

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