It's the little things that amuse me

I was following a link from @PaulOB today for a css property and some explanations and tripped upon something amusing…

Paul linked to a post at CSS Tricks, and after reading the page, I decided to go to the main page and do some reading since I hadn’t been on there for a while. I was going back and forth through the page when something caught my eye. Something totally unneeded but I found it amusing. - can you see what I found amusing?

Hint: Get your browser to a point where you have a scroll bar. Then go down the page and return to the top really fast. Works by dragging the scrollbar or using your center mouse wheel.


Honestly, I can’t see anything special. What’s amusing?

Check the logo as you scroll up. The farther and faster you scroll, the more noticeable the effect is.


Ha! That’s neat - thanks for sharing.


Yes its a nice little touch :slight_smile:

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