It's Sale Time - The Annual SitePoint Xmas Sale Is About To Kick Off

Our Christmas Sale has become a bit of a tradition around these parts, and this year is no different.

The sale kicks off in just under 2 hours and will run up until (and including) Christmas Day.

There are some amazing deals this year - in many cases you could save over 80% and there are some sweet bonuses thrown in.

We’ve tried to mix things up a bit, with plenty of digital and print - look out for Dead Tree Days if you’re a fan of the hard copy.

Sign up for the email notifications and you’ll get them 15 minutes before the deal is announced to the rest of the world, meaning you’ll be sure to get in before stock sells out. You can sign up for the emails here.

If email isn’t your thing, follow the #spxmas2011 hash tag on Twitter, or keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily updates.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Damn it! Completely missed this - I would have snapped up yesterday’s deal for sure. Oh well - I hope there’s something equally good in the pipeline!