It's not the BEST WEB SITE

It’s not the BEST WEB SITE

But it is looking quite nice thus far (I only started the page yesterday 10th Oct 2011)

It still links mostly to my other sites and some Google stuff the guy who did the Google top bar clone put in to mimic Googles top nav but I am having a problem getting my CSS to display the grey areas at the bottom in line how they should be at 956px width I think.

Can anyone spot where I have the setting wrong please >

Best Web Site (Well obviously not quite but LOL gotta love those search engines :slight_smile: )

And yes I know a lot needs needs doing (jeez - expecting responses LOL) I only spent about 4 hours on it to get it this far.

This is too wide:

#main {
  margin: 1px auto 0;
  width: [COLOR="#FF0000"]990px[/COLOR];

Perfect ralph.m


I owe you a PerfectTed when PerfectTed comes about in my range LOL.

I can’t wait … I think. :shifty:


Well if you have kids you might like one as I was thinking of doing PerfectTed in baby blue pink and a green to make it a fav for the under 5’s, but that’s a plan for when things go down that line rather than the cartoons they presently are.

“I only have them for dinner,” said the Troll. :smiley:

Let’s hope you mean goats LOL :slight_smile: