It's not "fancy", an "extra" or a "feature"

There’s always that “beyond the scope of this article” / “prerequisite knowledge of __ is assumed” problem.

PHP docs a case in point. The examples often leave out a lot of what should be being done, focusing only on the minimum amount for demonstration purposes.

The examples get copied / pasted and tested, they work, time to move on…

Maybe it’s like recycling. We may not save the planet, but if we each made our best effort it just might have some effect.


Our biggest Telco had a TV ad about getting a new phone last year, in which people excitedly opened their new phones and left the packaging on the beach. I thought, WTH? Would it really have hurt them to show the packaging being thrown in a recycle bin? Setting a good example isn’t that hard, but it makes a difference. :confounded:

I thought it was a typo of the < operator. It looked like the usual for-loop.

You don’t even need the tabindex, buttons get focus for free.

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That makes more sense

Whilst a little tangential to the purpose of this post, this just popped up - it might be of interest

By way of an update, the author of the article that was the original topic of this post:

will be writing a follow up article explaining in more depth how to make the multiselect component keyboard accessible.

We have also added a branch to our code repo where this is already available.


Interestingly, Vitaly Friedman raises this issue in the latest Boag World podcast:

At around 30 mins, he talks about great articles he receives at Smashing Mag, but which he rejects if the result is inaccessible.

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very good article