ITIL V3 Foundation Certification


Is anyone familiar with ITIL V3 Foundation Certification? My employer wants me to get V3 certified and I was looking for some support forums, or online sites for resources.

The only thing I can find on this is the following…

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Sounds interesting but this is the first time I heard of it. So I’m basically fluffing the thread because I can’t provide any value. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet, you have no choice if your employer is asking for it so our opinion is a bit… useless, sort to say, in this case :smiley:

Whats funny is that my boss never heard of it either! He just gave me the link to the Wiki page, and said go get certification.:lol:


Well, your boss certainly likes all type of certifications then :lol:

Its good for a rounded understanding and appreciation of business driven IT services. It supposed to be an introduction to a framework around which to run end to end IT services and design the processes to support them. If your job role involves or intersects with change/configuration management, capacity management or in anyway impacts or is impacted by an enterprise IT service then there will be benefits in getting ITIL badged.