Item with overflow:hidden appears as if overflow:visible

On this page >

In the footer area menu (just above the “back to top” link), I’m trying to figure out why the first menu item text is wrapping under the image, while the others are not.

Ideally, I don’t want the text to wrap and I’m actually using this CSS to prevent it:

.cb_menu .post-entry{padding:0 0 5px 0;overflow:hidden!important}

Not sure if this is a typo in your post or your issue but you are missing a semi colon after overflow:hidden!important

A semicolon after the LAST property is optional.

Hi Scott,

The text in the other boxes would wrap, too, it the titles were longer. Your could put all text in one container so overflow:hidden can be applied to the full column.

Overflow:hidden (and zoom1.0 for ie7 and under) will cause an element to create a rectangular block to the side of a floated element but only when the float would have influence on that element. If you add overflow:hidden to an element that is beyond the floats influence (e.g. underneath it) then the overflow will do nothing as far as moving the element is concerned.

Both your spans would need to be in the same parent wrapper that is set to overflow:hidden to maintain the rectangular effect.