It is possible to include a link inside the define function?

Hi everyone in this forum.

I have a PHP page witht this code:

// error.php
define(“C_ERR1”,“Just members are allowed”);

I would like to include this: just member are allowed, please login

I mean to include a link to somewhere else in the site.

Is this possible? How can I get that?

Any help will be appreciate it.

Thank you Dan!! I have learned the basic. Now I used also _parent attribute. all worked ok! Also thanks for the LOGIN lessons :wink:

Yes, the value can be a string, and HTML is just a string (text).

define("C_ERR1", "Just members are allowed, please <a href=\\"login.php\\">log in</a>");

I just came across this website and wanted to share it, so don’t take this as a jab :wink: