Issues with my php form

I am new to php and having trouble getting my php form to work.
I have attached the html and css code below in the first link which is working fine.
The second link is the php code which I placed in the html side in the codepen. What am I missing or done wrong in my php code for it not to work?

Thanks in advance

if( isset($_POST['fa fa-user fa-fw'])… I quit.

No, but seriously. This needs a major revamp because there are so many things wrong with this picture hence why “nothing” is working.

I’ll just give you a simple idea on why the mail function will fail since there are some members on here who would like to strongly disagree with me on every post I make for some apparent reason, but seem to agree that these kinds of codes should exist.

So here’s my 2 cents. When using the default mail function in PHP, it can sometimes fail and it may not actually even be functioning at some point in time because this function requires a ton of work. It just doesn’t have to do with the syntax. It also has to do with the actual function. I have no idea why the PHP team still has this function up and running after so many years. But it actually might not even work for all we know since it’ll often break when it wants and it’ll be ok the next minute. This mostly happens in all web hosts and particularly only for the mail function it does this.

Also, to be able to send mail using the mail function, you’ll have to setup your own mailing server (sendmail or something else) and it can actually be very tedious because creating a local mail server might also not work as it takes technical skills. I tried it and on mine, it actually didn’t even send the mail even though I setup the mail servers correctly.

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