Issues with implementing drop down menus

I have tried to implement a drop down menu but there is some problem regarding the hover. The parent links and the child links are always visible.

I also visited

Drop-down Menus

but because my concepts are not very strong at the moment, I could not figure out the solution for myself.

I also appears to me that I am doing something wrong. Could you help me with this. I do not necessarily need the corrected code. Guidance (in terms of concept) will be self-sufficient.

I am uploading my file.dropDown.html (898 Bytes)

Hi there. First thing is you need to hide the sub menus to begin with - using display:none - and then display them when the parent is hovered over using display:inline-block

thanks…I have done the necessary changes. There is but one tweak needed. The menus Home, Contributors and Contact Us are almost touching one another. I tried to put spaces in the source code and this attempt fell flat.

Any suggestions… I am uploading the modified code.

Here is the modified source code: -

dropDown.html (926 Bytes)

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Great! Try adding some padding and/or margin.

BTW, your <styles> should be in the head section rather than the body section.

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