Issues with html table

Are you saying that this page will be like an app? a control panel or dashboard?

Can you post an image of what the finished page should look like? A pdf file or something?

@ronpat that gonna be document that will print when button is clicked

@PaulOB seems that this somehow also not what i need ! But you did good thanks allot! Will try to fight this somehow :slight_smile:


Unless you show us exactly what you want we are all just guessing. :slight_smile:

The code I gave you was exactly the requirements you stated previously so must be close. Either way the techniques will be the same if you need to change something as a table is initially based on rows and columns and then you span cells and rows where you need content across multiple cells or rows. There are no other options.

What you need to do is make a drawing of the result you want so we can see exactly what you are trying to achieve.:wink:


If you do not wish to post a drawing for public consumption, do NOT ignore the request without a word! This ONE TIME, you can send an image to me via PM and I will share it with Paul.


A little off-topic

Back in the olden days, tables used to be used for page layout, as there was very little other option. With the advent of CSS, that misuse of tables became unnecessary. HTML tables should now only be used for tabular data. (There is a CSS display:table property, which can mimic the behaviour of tables for purely presentational purposes.)

It’s here:

(I don’t use it, and if you need to ask more about it, that should definitely be a new topic.)


@ronpat sorry i had some fast jobs :frowning: will make one ASAP

@ronpat @PaulOB i actually also tried to put it together with divs and css
this is how it looks like:

width is not my strong side here. … as table is not same width on all blocks :frowning:

That will never be the answer I’m afraid :slight_smile:. You can’t make boxes like that in any reliable way using heights to match other heights. The answer will be something else (flexbox or display table/cell or if tabular data it will be html tables as already mentioned).

We can’t really help unless you can show an exact drawing of what you want as the code I have already given was exact to your requirements but obviously you had something different in mind so unless I know what that something different looks like I’m going to produce exactly the same as I have already done :slight_smile:


I’m holding my breath. :wink:

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Sorry for long delay! Was stuck in more important jobs :frowning:

Anyway before making an image i tried it one more time and it seems good solution form me!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! This community is awesome :slight_smile:


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