Issues with Adsense Javascript

Hello all,

Hopefully I am posting this in the right section…

To cut a very long story short I run Adsense banners on my site however these are not displaying, I simply get a empty space where the banner should be. Now you are probably thinking “what has this got to do with javascript”, please bear with me.

While diagnosing the problem I have used PageSpeed to see what requests/responses are being handled by the browser. I can see that the browser is making a call out to the Google Adsense scripts, and I can a response coming back. This response is effectively a chunk of javascript which I assume to be the necessary markup to render the banner.


As mentioned above no banner is displayed, if I view the source of the iframe that adsense creates the source only contains:

<html><body style="background-color:transparent"></body></html>

Whereas other sites that run Adsense have the response javascript in the body element. Which explains the empty space where the banner should be. It doesn’t however explain where the code isn’t there.

This is something that is effecting every site user as banner impressions have dropped to zero - so it isn’t localised to a machine having, for example, javascript disabled.

I think that there is something in my markup that is preventing the Adsense code from working properly. Problem is I have no idea what this could be. So the question is, could anybody point me in the direction of things to check.

If it helps at all the url for the site is

Many thanks

The iframe src attribute is referencing a URL that is throwing a 403 error. Which means you are not allowed to access the content. Perhaps an authentication configuration issue.

Try comparing the code you are using with the code that Adsense says that you should be using.