Issues Creating a Gallery Carousel

I’m currently working on my webpage, but I’m having difficulties with the gallery page. I closely followed the directions…create a post and add to page. The issue is, that when I go to the page, I have the featured photo and title, but then every photo in that post is shown below, when I want it to be a carousel gallery that opens when clicking on the featured photo. What am I doing wrong? I have the gallery carousel w/o jet pack plugin. I’m using karma theme. Any and all help to alleviate this issue would be greatly appreciated. And I’ll need you to thoroughly write it out, as I am a beginner!


Hi Kieran Jaye. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Can you link to the original gallery example (with directions)? Or what gallery are you using? It’s not clear what this should look like or how function.

Thank you for the warm welcome Ralph! This is a link to how the creator has the gallery page setup. If I could get it to this point, And when Featured image is clicked, it open to the remainder of photos associated with that gallery, that would be excellent! This link shows how it currently looks and this is the plugin that I’m ultimately trying to achieve

Thanks for your help!