Issuehub: a web app for issue searching

Getting started with open source can be intimidating. You might be willing to put in the time, you might be interested in helping out and putting your name out there, but as a newcomer, you have absolutely no idea where to start. People say “pick a project” and “find a trivial issue”, but no one says how one can find them. is a new web app designed to help with that.

When people make issues on Github, they can attach labels to them. Labels help potential contributors identify the type of issue, and they help project owners find their way around the issue list when there are too many to keep track of. For example, our SitePoint RTDSphinx-PHP project has two issues at the time of writing this - both are enhancements to the project, and both would welcome help from new contributors, as you can see by the labels. What’s more, labels allow you to link to them, meaning they make a neat filter - want to show someone everything you need help with in a project? Link to the “help wanted” label, like so.

Help Wanted Stock Photo

So how does IssueHub help with this? Issuehub aggregates the various labels, cross-references them with the project’s programming language, and lets you search all projects with the defined conditions. For example, this query looks for all PHP projects which need help with documentation, while this query will list the various accessibility bugs in JavaScript projects that need fixing.

Go ahead and give it a go - play around with the filters, see if you can find something that sounds interesting. Of course, the success of IssueHub depends entirely on people’s willingness to label their issues properly, but if they follow the label guide, IssueHub should be able to help.

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