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Hi All, I recently launched a new site Kennedy Excavating I also have the development site up at this address Development Site I did a straight copy from my dev site to the production site and as you see the banner does not load at all. If you take a look at the code is Fire bug you will notice that the html class no-js loads in the head in the dev site. On the production site that same tag generates a whole bunch more and then my banner dissapears. Any ideas as to what is going on as the code was a 100% straight copy??

Not something I would have guessed. And not something that I think has to do with the problem.

The clhdesigns site (with the slider)is getting a Not Found for the modernizr min file
The kennedyexcavating site (no slider) is getting modernizr min OK

Seems it would be the other way around

And that’s the totally messed up thing. The directory structure is 100% the same

Well you do have files missing. So something isn’t right here.

I know for sure but the modernizer script is right in the JS folder on the dev site. It was a straight copy. For kicks on the production site I just totally deleted the modernizer script in my code and still not banner. ???

The issue is that I think modernizer adds class=“js” and remove no-js class from the HTML element. The client site doesn’t have modernizer so as a result the defualt no-js class is still on the HTML element, and this rule takes effect

.no-js .slides > li:first-child {

THe slider is actually there, but just hidden due to 0 height. This rule being in effect will allow the height to encompass the slider inner elements (the image(s)).

Now, the live site actually has modernizer so it gets the “no-js” removed (and as a result, the slider is now hidden because that CSS rule won’t come into effect). The class=“js” gets added to the HTML element in its place.

So I guess you could just remove .no-js from that CSS rule, but you should really not band-aid fix this, and instead figure out why one version of the site has the modernizer, and the other doesn’t.

Thanks Ryan I’ll do just that and let you know how it works. Thanks!

Confirmed. Turn off CSS and there it is.

Thanks for thinking of it. I was scratching my head much bewildered.

Not a problem. FYI the best debugging strategy for cloned sites is to have each site side-by-side on your screen. Then go to the outer most parent affected, e.g. the outer slider element, and go rule by rule in “inspect element” to each child element until you find something different. In this case, the .no-js rule above (a few elements inside) was what was on the client site but not the live site.

Just a friendly debugging tip. That’s how I found it.

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Thanks gents, much appreciated!

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