Issue with select from multiple tables

I have a query that selects from four tables,
and it’s to run on the home page, so each time
the site is visited, the query runs, I’m worried
about performance and the stress a lot of traffic
will put on the server, I’m not a db expert,
is there a way to optimize things and put less stress
on the server and improve performance?

Is an implied JOIN less efficient than an explicit JOIN
(like I read somewhere)?

Again, there is a link to a second page which runs the same
query as on the home page, is there a way to pass the result
of the first query along without re-running the query?(Using
query string is out of the answer).

Many thanks.

optimize your query to use indexes

alternatively, cache the query results

alternatively, you could cache the entire page

no it isn’t, and whoever wrote that it is doesn’t understand how it works

i think you meant out of the question :wink:

yes, try caching the query results

Thanks man.

i think you meant out of the question :wink:

Yeah. That was a little play on words. :wink: