Issue with iFrame loading with HTML reference

My HTML page is having the following code which displays the Player. The following code is working fine when I open the HTML file directly from browser.
If I deploy the same HTML file in server, the following code is not working. Pls help me in this.

<iframe id='iplayer' name='iplayer' src='MyJsPlayer.htm' style="vertical-align:top; width:200px; height:22px; scrolling:no; border:0; frameborder:0">
Your browser does not support iFrame.


<body style=margin:3px; bgcolor=#dddddd>

	<div class="noscript" style="margin:24px;">
		<img src="noscript.gif" alt="In order to access this site you need to enable JavaScript !" />

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

var sUsrAgt = navigator.userAgent;
var sSearch =;
var sNameLC = sSearch.toLowerCase().substring(1);
var nameLen = sNameLC.length;
var sType   = 'unknown';

if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.au') >nameLen-6)	sType="audio/basic";
if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.ra') >nameLen-6)	sType="audio/x-pn-realaudio";
if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.rm') >nameLen-6)	sType="audio/x-pn-realaudio";
if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.mid')>nameLen-6)	sType="audio/midi";
if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.mp3')>nameLen-6)	sType="audio/mpeg";
if (sNameLC.lastIndexOf('.wav')>nameLen-6)	sType="audio/wav";

if (sSearch.length<3) document.bgColor="white";
else if (sNameLC=='stop' ) document.writeln('<center><small>Audio stopped.</small></center>');
else if (sType=='unknown') document.writeln('<center><small>Unknown audio file type.</small></center>');

  if (sUsrAgt.indexOf('Opera')!=-1||sUsrAgt.indexOf('MSIE')!=-1)
		document.writeln('<bgsound volume=-1000 LOOP=1 src="'+encodeURI(sSearch.substring(1,99))+'">');
  else document.writeln('<object width=194 height=16 data="'+encodeURI(sSearch.substring(1,99))+'" type="'+sType+'"></object>');


Are you sure you remembered to upload the media files? It’s a common mistake.

I am Sure. I have uploaded media files too. I have uploaded the application along with media files in ‘Google App Engine’.

The issue is related to ‘Google App Engine’ server settings. ‘Google App Engine’ server is not allowing this functionality (media files).

I have deployed the same application in TOMCAT web server. The application is working fine.