Issue with file on server

Hi there

I have a file that I noticed on my webspace named js1.html. I didn’t create it so I deleted the file from the server however when I put the url in to the browser to see if the file was gone it was still coming up as an active url.

Is there something I can do to delete this and is there anyone who has experienced similar issues.

[FONT=Verdana]Are you sure it’s not a browser cache issue?

Having found a strange file on your site, I do hope you immediately changed all your passwords and ran a virus scan. If somebody gained access to put it there once, you don’t want to make it easy for them do it again. :)[/FONT]

thanks technobear. in relation to passwords, is it in relation to all passwords relating to access to the server, databases, ftp.

The likes of hotmail and other passwords should be ok I presume.

I ran a malware check on my pc and it came up clean.

[FONT=Verdana]You also need to run a malware check on the site itself, or ask your host to do so for you. (Unless it’s a very small site, in which case it might be just as easy to delete everything and upload clean copies from your local PC.) Check your .htaccess file, too, for unauthorised changes.

And yes, I would change all passwords associated with the site. If somebody has gained access, you have no way of knowing where they’ve been or what information they’ve gained, so your safest bet is to change all passwords and ensure you use only strong passwords in future.[/FONT]