Issue with Cufon spacing... Any tips?

This is my first time using cufon, and can’t figure out why the first word after my <p> tags is always indented a tiny bit?

Please visit the link below, hover over the right menu option, click ‘contact osteria 100’ … and notice how osteria 100 is indented a bit?

Can’t figure it out!

Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: I think I fixed that problem… but click on any of the about pages, and you will see an empty character at the start of all the paragraphs…

It looks like you have a line break between the two spans in that <p> element. What if you get rid of it, so that your markup looks like this:

... /></a></span><span style="font-size:14.7px"> ...

Does that help?

Yup that did it! Thanks… didn’t realize cufon was so finicky