Issue with anchor links and ios 16

I’m running into an issue on a web page that uses anchor links and javascript to change out the profile of people on a staff page. It works properly in computer browsers, in android phones and iphones using pre ios 15. But when we try it on iphones running ios 16, the first click works but you’re unable to switch to another person. Below is the website link. Is this a bug with ios 16 or is there something else at play here that needs to be fixed on the page? here’s the web page:

You have a couple of errors in the console relating to JQuery, Bootstrap and Modernizr which might need addressing for starters

main.min.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: Modernizr is not defined
    at main.min.js:1:30645
(anonymous) @ main.min.js:1
bootstrap.min.js?ver=20160105:6 Uncaught Error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher, but lower than version 3
    at bootstrap.min.js?ver=20160105:6:216
    at bootstrap.min.js?ver=20160105:6:318

The bootstrap error suggests that you might need to use an older version of JQuery, pre version 3. Whether doing so will cause issues elsewhere I do not know.

This might not fix the specific problem you are having, but as I say it is a start.

Secondly have you looked into options for debugging on the iphone? Not something I have done on an iphone, but this link might be worth looking into.

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