Issue in On build Javascript Internet Speed Test

Hi Dev Mates, I have built an Online Internet Speed Test but the internet speed and upload rates are having issues including ping & jitter. Is there any issue with my script please help. Thanks Live Site

You’re going to have to be a lot more specific.

“the internet speed and upload rates are showing different”… yes, because downloading and uploading content are two distinct operations, that may be harried or not by various other conditions.

What are you seeing in particular in your clone of speedtest.netthat you think is wrong, and why?

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The speed rate of my site & other internet speed test are showing different is it alright to show like that. this is not any clone this is my original code and didn’t understand what I am trying to explain sir, and I am not only saying only about I am saying about any internet speed test web app

The only way you’d be able to compare directly is if you exactly duplicated their code, which… would be illegal, as it is a violation of the Speedtest Terms of Service.

As this thread has been unlisted, I’m fairly sure this is also being explained to you in private messaging.

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@darksoulzz, I have removed the link to your site as it looks like an excuse for self-promotion - which we do not allow.

If you think there’s an issue, you can always post your code.


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