Issue in firefox

Hi guys,

Been working on a new site using the AnythingSlider and I’m using their exact example to implement into my site but in my site there is inconsistencys with Firefox.

In Internet Explorer 7 the slider looks fine but in Firefox the image tends to be about 2-30 pixels over to the right, any idea how I can resolve this issue so it looks the same in both.

That space on the left in FF is the default left padding of 20px.

IE sets it’s default list indent via margin which you reset to zero.

Reset the padding to zero also and FF will comply. :slight_smile:

[B].anythingSlider .wrapper ul[/B]   { 
width: 32700px;
list-style: none; 
position: absolute;
top: 0; left: 0; 
background: #eee;
margin: 0;
[COLOR=Blue]padding:0;  [/COLOR]

Thanks for the help Rayzur, I should of caught that but missed it.