Issue getting p and img to align on same line

So basically I have done two divs like this, the first one the picture aligns on the right, with the text on the left. I’ve tried to do this just the other way around in a different div, my only issue is that with my existing code I can not get my image and text to center when the screen is in a certain width. So the div I’m having issues with is
And it should be similar to the, just the other way around with text and image. As it is now on a desktop screen I like the layout of the div, and it should be similar when its on a mobile (which is working just fine), but anything between mobile and full desktop screen size makes it left aligned, which is not what its meant to be, as it should have some spacing between the two elements and then center them.
Any help would be appreciated, I’m probably just missing something very easy, and my code is a bit off.

Hi @easysidedkbrydskov

I think you are.

It’s the media query for the “split” block and its children that is the culprit here. Compare with the media query for the “green” block and I think you will sort it soon.

Agree on that. You are welcome to learn.

Please post and tell what you try, or if this is too vague to help.

(I noticed some grammatical errors like “hent” (hemt) and “Bidgrade” (Bidrage) and the hyphenation of “posit-iv” (posi-tiv), though I don’t speak Norwegian.)

Think I found a solution that kind of works… Thanks a bit!
It’s not quite Norwegian, its Danish, so only one you hit was the “Bidgrade”, which ofcause should of been Bidrage

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