Is Youtube a good referral ? - for real

How many visitors to the site will get from all the movies you’ve posted on Youtube?
It is worth investing time and energy in this direction or not?

It is totally depend on requirement. As we know videos always engage the user. If you have lot’s of video stuff and you can share your message through video then is a best referral place for you.

I would suggest you to have some descriptive and good animated video. To get attract your user, you need to have a better video which can helpful to get convert your user into customer. And Yes it is worthwhile in investing in video creation.

[font=verdana]That really depends on the nature of your site, your content and your target audience. Some sites can really benefit from having videos that can go viral, whereas for others it isn’t appropriate. You need to think about the people you want to come to your site – are they likely to “find” a video on YouTube and follow it through?

Once you’ve decided whether it is going to attract the kind of visitors you’re after, you then need to look at whether you have (or can afford to buy) the skills needed to make a good video. Too often businesses decide that they want to get into video marketing, but they don’t know what to do and so they end up producing something really amateurish or boring, which won’t attract anyone.[/font]

It depends entirely on the video in question. If it’s a good video then why not? If you’re uploading crappy videos for the benefit of SEO then absolutely not.

Yes like someone already said that it’s totally depends on the requirement. In simple example “You can’t sell alcohol to the person who is looking for water”.