Is your traffic down?

is your traffic down in the summer because people go on vacation and etc?

Yeah that could be possible, but I think just a very little down fall.

You will always find ups and downs of sales to do with holidays etc, it is a fact most people buy less when not at home because they are waiting on the delivery. Also there mind is in holiday mode… Not buying online mode… Unless of course you sell holiday stuff… School holidays i always find a little bit less orders and before Christmas a couple of weeks orders increase. It depends partly on the mode of the customer as well… The trick is to capture them via newsletter or encourage them to bookmark etc… That way they will come back to buy later…

Some people buy on there third or fourth visit so getting them to come back helps a business heaps…

I think it is possible but it is mostly depends upon product and services of you deploy online.

I found that it’s not only long holidays; my traffic drops even on weekends…

Traffic is up but revenue was down. Slowly climbing back now.

I noticed a decline in my traffic. Thats what I chalked it up to be. Obviously being summer as well, alot less people spend as much time on the computer and more time outside soaking up the nice weather. Its hard to say forsure but I do notice a decrease.


It has to do with what country of your traffic is from.

What kind of niche you are doing

some people are doing poorly but some people might be doing very well :wink:

you can call it them as holidays. And most interestingly i found that i loss traffic when they out of office ( Most of the browsing time is in office???)

It happens every weekend.

I’m accustomed to. really ^_^!

That is exactly what I wonder, I think they use to brows while they are at office and get less work to do - they make time passing through browsing. I found 80% of the traffics from facebook at office hours.

On a small news site I do notice a slight decline. On the weekends it is almost unvisited. People come to that site from work mostly, and that is a fact :wink:

Yes people go on vacation in summers so our traffic will usually be down.

That depends what kind of your website is, if your website is built to offerring information about travel. There may be a growing number of people visit your website in the vocation time.

It all depends on the actual website. Just as austenhepburn says above - a travel website could see a hugh increasement in traffic during a few months.