Is your site OSHA compliant?

Sort of a companion poll to the one I posted about OSHA “Competent Person” training–If you’ve had the training, is your work site OSHA compliant? More specifically, could you as the designated “competent person” relax while OSHA inspected your site, knowing full well that they would not be able to find anything in violation of regulations?

As in the other poll, simply answering the poll question is anonymous. If anyone cares to reply to the thread more specifically I’m sure we’d all be interested in what’s going on at your site, but that will be there under your user name for everybody to read…

My Computer is the only work device and my office is software based. So I’m with Shaun, perhaps someone’ll get an epileptic fit from those animated GIF’s :smiley:

With work site I think the OP means your office, the place where you work :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]OSHA ?!

Is my site going to put someone’s eye out? I don’t get it.