Is Your Partner In The Same Industry?

I was just thinking the other night about people in the IT / Web industry and what industry their partners might be in. I was thinking about the story of Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan in particular and then I was thinking about some others whom I can’t really remember and then Stomme poes came into my head with her Python pro husband.

None of my ex-girlfriends have ever been very IT literate, nevermind interested in IT and Web Design. I don’t currently have a girlfriend either and to be honest I don’t think I’d be all that bothered about any future girlfriends or my future wife being in the same industry. I think I’d prefer a wife who works in a different industry but still be interested in my career, or at least understand my passion for it. My main interests would be that my future wife is an intelligent and beautiful woman.

I was just thinking though really, is your partner in the same industry as you? Are they also in the IT / Web industry?

Andrew Cooper

No. My girlfriend is not at Web Industry. She used to be at Super market. :frowning:

[FONT=“Georgia”]All of my girlfriends have been artists with one writer inbetween.


Hmm, I am an artist, so is my husband. We work in very different areas though.

I like very much being in the same field. We can talk about things design and totally understand what the other one is talking about. We can help each other, we can objectively critique each other. We have a chance to bounce ideas off of each other knowing that the other understands. We use the same lingo and do not have to explain things.

Nope my GF is in another industry completely. I keep trying to get her to learn HTML/CSS though. That way she can do all my work for me. :wink:

I don’t have a partner / girlfriend… I’m just a lonely web designer who sleeps next to the warm glow of his laptop (on the desk) :frowning: :lol:

Nobody I know surfs the web on a regular basis. It’s absolutely absurd (to me).

[FONT=“Georgia”]All too busy eating gherkins?


My girlfriend is same field we are related to IT industries

I’m married to an airline pilot so no similarity at all.

Wow! Very nice!

And sour onions, too.

It’s a soaraway life.

Both my partner and I work in the web industry - he’s a developer and I’m a designer/developer. Our skill sets are complementary and we work on projects together. I’ve got a similar view to @Datura, I really enjoy that we work in the same industry. We learn new things from each other - a massive bonus given the pace of new technology - and its easy to have a confidential moan if something isn’t going right!

My ex was studying multimedia in Uni when we dated, which was a great talking point. Many of my exes don’t work in the industry, but are generally technically okay (they have a blog at least), one didn’t, and that relationship didn’t last too long!

What is a partner ? :slight_smile: I can’t be bothered with one, good luck for anyone who tries !

:shifty:What was that?

Don´t think i am counted in this one, my girl works with completly diffrent things.

My Wife is in the Health industry, she has no interest in all the nerdy things I get up to.

i think partner in the same industry become your competitor,
Albert Bertina

no boyfriend… :frowning:
im single, working alone in a web industry.