Is your college life similar to that in american pie?

I love this movie.
I like Michelle (Alyson Hannigan),she is sweet!
so,i wonder is your college life similar to that in american pie?
mine is dull.

Yes, to some extent, particularly on the “lots of people getting drunk at someone’s house” front, though not in a huge house on a beach by a lake. That doesn’t have to make it entertaining or what you should aspire to though - far from it. I got the most fun out of being a member of different clubs and societies with whom I got to do Cool Stuff like ice climbing and competitive squash playing. Also just generally hanging out with friends on the grass outside the student union, drinking beer, eating, playing games and just chilling out listening to music. Good times.

no…but i like that movie…

in some way, yes, I do remember having some sort of targets and stuff during college, even in high school… though, college in that movie seems a lot more fun and a lot more things are to do and discover…

No, nothing near that. But I did see someone having life like that. Maybe the problem is me myself, for getting nothing near that.

hmm no, our college days are more demure than american pie:)

my college years were nothing like “American Pie” experiences, because I stayed at home during my study at the University :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you even seen the movie?

No mine wasn’t. We went to the pub rather than house partied, one of the joys of living in the UK where the age limit for alcohol is 18 :).

However I do have the nickname “Finchy” because I looked a bit like Finch from the movie!

do you mean part 2? I think part one was in high school. part 2 was in college.

Not nearly but in some ways, that would be nice haha

They had trouble getting laid in them movies, so no. ;0 haha

My college life was exactly the same as American Pie. Identical.

Except there was less Seann William Scott. And that kinda ruined it.

Differences between my college and American Pie (if we’re talking about the second one):

  1. Lots of really hot women.
  2. Fraternity life is like Animal House.
  3. Everyone on campus is caucasian and speaks English very well.

Those are things my school is not :frowning: