Is Yell doing Spamming?

I’m very worried because Yell (Website). Yell is creating more than 2000 links in Google Webmaster of my website. I am not sure more than 2000 links is coming from one website is spam of my website. Is this Spam??

Yell is a well-known business and would have no reason to Spam.

It’s a directory site, and if you have multiple entries - perhaps because your business covers multiple locations - then you’ll have multiple links. 2,000 certainly sounds like an awful lot, but if you’re not happy about it, you could always ask Yell to remove the listings.

How come you got 2000 links from Yelp? 2000 different accounts? As the admin said Yelp is a reputable website and the only spam there maybe the reviews done again by fake users. Get your accounts deleted, anyway Yelp will remove them in time!