Is WordPress really this popular?

According to some statistics, it powers over 30% of the internet and the latest version has been downloaded over 77 million times.

I know WordPress is popular but I didn’t imagine it’s used by this many websites. How accurate are statistics from sites like W3techs and Builtwith? Would like someone to shed light on this.

If you’ll surf some websites on a concrete topic you’ll see that 70% of found ones will be Wordpress made. It becomes even boring as no one wants to spend any time making your website look really unique. It’s okay for blogs, but not as the main website I think.

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yes wordpress is really popular because its user friendly, easy, and Most usable technology in world.
Wordpress having several of plugins which make user work easy. No need to do extra efforts so from user prospective its simple and easy so thats why its popular, there are various software which is build for wordpress and plugins.

Before this thread goes any further off-topic, may I remind participants that the question is:

Please address the question, rather than give general views on why WordPress is popular.

Thank you.

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