Is whatsapp company is combained with facebook

whatsapp is now combined with facebook.and can whatsapp start sharing user data with Facebook.

Whatsapp is already started sharing the user account information with Facebook. The Whatsapp saying that they sharing the information with Facebook, to improve Facebook ads and products experiences. In sort you can say that your chat at whatsapp is analyzed by Facebook algorithms and by doing that they decides that which add will be shown to you at Facebook.

whatsapp & Facebook is combined But Facebook is a social networking company

Why do you ask @legalraasta12? On the face of it your question has little to do with web design and development.

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You can opt out of data sharing, but only if you haven’t accepted their ToS, or have only done so recently.

The data-sharing plan is under investigation in the UK by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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Since Facebook bought Whatsapp each time I talk to a new person in Whatsapp, the next time I go on Facebook it oofers me to send this person a friend request.