Is WEP2 compatible with Windows XP

The guy at Linksys told me that WAP2 is NOT compatible with Windows XP and I should use WEP. Is this true? I want to use WAP2 because it’s more secure than WEP. Will WEP offer me good security? My other computer is a Window’s 7 machine.

Also, someone told me that WPA2 will work on a Windows XP machine if I update my wireless drivers. How difficult is this to do? I hear it’s difficult. If I update my wireless drivers will I have to update my wireless card?
Unfortunately, I own a dell.


I got WPA2 to work on my Samsung N120 netbook without any driver updates.
It runs Windows XP SP3 (English).

Not all hardware supports WPA2. But, if the hardware supports it, XP will show it.

What wireless card are you using?

This is what it says:
Intel(R)PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection


You should be able to run (with the latest drivers from Intel’s website) in Wireless B or G mode using WPA2 with no problem. Windows XP SP2 onward provides the support you require (in the connection properties you can even tell it to connect via WPA2). :slight_smile:

I just went downloaded the Windows XP patch so I could run WPA2. After I downloaded it a dialog box stated my service pack version was newer than the updated version and there was no need for the upgrade. So much for the people at Linksys stating I had to upgrade this patch. Maybe I am missing something… :\

You already mentioned you were running service pack 3. Attempting to install that or a lower version won’t help or do anything.

Here are the XP drivers for your wireless card:

I did not realize I was doing that. So since I have service pack 3, does that mean I should be able to use WPA2?

yup :slight_smile: