Is virtapay a scam?

I hope many of you have heard about virtapay.I want to know if it is a genuine site or just another scam

It is a scam.

how can be so sure?they dont ask for anything to buy or any membership fee etc.

Its a scam because the only purpose is to get you to look at ADs. You’ll never see any money from them. It was a scam when it was called PayBox it is the same scam just with a different name.

but you do get virtual money which you can use to buy digital products in their market

Don’t worry - they’ll change all the rules so you lose access to your account before you get to spend any of it.

It has been around for 3 years now and if it havent changed any rule yet,why would it do it in future?

So mobilegames, how much REAL money has Virtapay given you?

Did you profit from the site? If do then you can answer if they are scam or not.

Not a single penny. . but thats not point.They want to create online money which is accepted on internet for buying and selling anything. . Obviously it will take time it doesnt automatically prove they are scam

You don’t think it is a scam? Hah, you may be getting virtual currency but guess who gets real money every time you click on their ads. Those digital items you buy? All of them are Pay-Per-Click (PPC). It also will never work as a replacement for hard currency when buying anything online or offline digital or not. Unless it can convert (to real money) and has market value it is worthless.

I’ve also had bad experienced with VirtaPay it isn’t worth your time, I didnt know that they used to operate under the name PayBox though (thanks logic_earth).

disney also introduced disney dollars in past. . money has perceived value only if we all accept something as money,it becomes valuable its just a matter of perception

Disney Dollars are certainly apt on the concept but not necessarily on holding a steady valuation. As a public company with major holdings, redemption of Disney’s internal currency is rather straight forward and holds a benchmark on parity with their public dollar pricing. Assuming their contract you gave them the room to make a significant change, the public outcry would be enough to put it under immense scrutiny.

The difficult with currencies that are tied to an alternative cash methodology is in determining effective redemption value over time and easy to mask devaluation. For example many gaming centers let you win tickets to redeem prizes but as those objects have no list value [directly] the tickets can be adjusted up or down with relative ease.

Of course this all gets us back to the heart of the issue: is the company reputable. Disney’s currency held value because for them people believed that yes, it did. But even still there were issues with inflation, price increases and of course fraud and even revenue bookings [unspent current remains a liability on your balance sheet for a considerable time, just look at the airlines with all those FF miles]. Mind you I’ve never signed up or used this company so I don’t have knowledge of their particular value, I’m merely speaking to the subject of privatized currencies in theory.

and what do you have to say about barter system?lets put it this way suppose i had earned 2000 points at sitepoint forum by posting in different threads and assuming that these points can be transferred freely among sitepoint members.Now a new member who wants point ask me to give him some points and offer me something which i need like say domain,hosting or even new cd etc in exchange for points.This way sitepoint points suddenly becomes most valuable to me and i would try to earn them as much as i can for any similar future offers.Thats how virtapay currency will work.Because of the perceived importance of virtapay currency by seller and buyer,it will become as valuable as hard money

There is no indication of Virtapay becoming anything of value. Why would anyone use Virtapay when they can use real currency? No one has heard of Virtapay, nor are they even publicly traded. The only people who know of Virtapay are the ones fooled into thinking its real. You said they have been around for 3 years? Obviously they haven’t gone very far.

For the record, Disney is a multi-billion dollar company with international recognition. Disney also has products that intrest people, that they want, that have value. Virtapay…doesn’t even come close, nobody knows them, their income is unknown, they have NO products people want or that have any value.

That would be a world first and while that’s unlikely to happen, breakthroughs always are. I look forward to seeing if your prediction comes true…

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If you all have reasons to beleive that virtapay is a scam,I will go by you opinion. I will stop using and promoting it
Thanks to all for you valuable inputs

Since the OP seems to have gotten the information he desired, though he didn’t originally want to believe it, I think this thread has run it’s course.

@mobilegames, thank you for being open minded and listening to what others have to say.