Is USA imorting welding equipment from china?

Hi every one, I am unable to understand USA policy to import the welding equipment from China.In other words USA don’t like China and her manufacturer things, then why they are importing all welding equipment from China?

I don’t think a web design and development forum is the right place to ask about foreign trade policy on welding equipment.

The US imported $337 billion in goods from China in 2008; it has no problem with Chinese manufactured goods.

Hi Dan Grossman, you are right but this is a general business category. I think, here we can discuss every thing about business and trade.

The breadcrumb to this forum is:

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So I am assuming that means that we can discuss the legal and business issues of managing a website. :slight_smile:

But then he can’t create a thread that has content that is relevant to his sig :frowning:

What’s wrong with them manufacturing things?

USA don’t like China and her manufacturer things
By saying USA do you mean the general population or the business owners? It’s good for some business owners and it’s not so good for other companies. The general populace of the country (consumers) is most likely happy about this, we’re getting cheap products. Who cares if it puts people out of work, it’s not like it’s structural unemployment.