Is twitter name protected?

I am wondering why averybody can use the twitter name without any problem. We have many examples, twitpics, twitstory, twit… so I am wondering if this is completely ok.

For example, can I use domain and put there own system similar to twitter?

At the moment you probably could use the name. But you should be aware that trademarks can be expanded, for example Apple has tried to prevent other devices using “pod”

To be frank, I’m not sure about it. Just as I saw in another forum, they say that personal information in facebook is not completely safe. I also think so.

The only way to know for sure is to apply to have your domain name trademarked.

Just because you register a domain name with a registrar doesn’t mean you can legally use it if someone before you has trademarked that domain name.

The onus is on you to check if a domain name is trademarked before you register it. So beware :slight_smile:

Twitter is a registered trademark, but they have no right to anything else that starts with “twit”.

But then, if twitter start suing guys for using twit_, we can see the legal precedence. McDonalds for example, has been going around suing guys using Mc___ for their businesses. Some are successful (from McDo’s perspective) while others are not.

You can use that name.I think there is no restriction using name starting with twit,twitter…

Check the US Trademark registry… I believe “Twitter” and “Retweet” are both registered marks, and there may be others.