Is legit or scam?

Any one tried ? is it a legit company ? they ask to pass very hard tests and also ask for our ID , phone, address, etc…

Never heard of them. But I also havent heard of 99.9% of companies in the world, because there’s 334 million of them, give or take.

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This company job is to outsource programmers (as they say) so I dont care about other companies

So you believe this is the only contract-work company for programmers in the world. I see.

If they are a legitimate company, which I neither vouch for or against, yes, they will want their prospective programmers to be able to pass programming tests to prove their competency (because you’d be representing their brand in whatever work they find for you), and provide their personal information for verification of eligibility to work, proof of existence, where to send the checks to, etc…

This is you replaying to yourself not me.

If they are scam or legit they both will still ask for personal information. But I am worried to give them these information.

It’s not, but whatever.

If you’re worried, why would you trust some random person on an internet forum about giving them that information?

You’re more likely to get people’s view by googling for reviews of the site. Trustpilot has 138 such user reviews.

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This does not concern you.

You say ID but that is useless. There are many thousands of types of Ids, perhaps millions.

I think it depends on what the etc. is. If it is sensitive information such as social security number, bank account details, or copies of official identification documents then that is surely suspicious if they ask for it initially.

… i can guess?

“uses … AI to … build …”

Yep, scam.

Random musing: Is the name meant to imply they’re good enough to beat the test, or that the setup is a test?

What is this? Mean are they offering any srvices?

National ID or driving license or passport. which has address then they also ask for phone number
how id has thousands of types ?!!

remote jobs

its not a scam. according to my knowledge It is a genuine platform that matches programmers with remote software engineering opportunities.

Did you try it ? source of knowledge ?

When we create an online account the account typically has an id and password. The id can be called many other things but id is one of many names of it. When we join a club or organization we often get an id associated with membership. An id can be a student id or an emplyee id. There are many types of ids.

Of course I dont talk about school or a club ID !!. I am talking about gov ID for ordinary people

He says, on a forum, with an ID of GeorgesRemi.